Thursday, April 06, 2006

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Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Stalking celebs from the comfort of your own home...

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Now you can get all the celebrity stalking goodness without those messy restraining orders. Just sit back and let others do the stalking for you:

Gawker Stalker offers a forum for people to instantly post celeb locations and miscellanious info (like who they're with and what they're wearing). There's even a creepy map that plots out the exact spot where each unlucky star was spotted.

Yeah. That's some scary stuff. Well, if you're a celebrity anyway. Otherwise it's interesting in it's own weird way. Can't...stop...looking...


'Clooney hatches plan to foil Gawker Stalker' -Because as everyone in Holywood knows, the best way to make something go away is to give it tons of extra press coverage.

'So Does This Mean George Clooney Won't Marry Us?' -Gawker reacts to Clooney's diabolical plans. Oh and there's t-shirts too.

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

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No I'm not dead, but...

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...ya wouldn't know it from this blog huh? Don't worry I'm back in the swing of things now. No more letting real life get in the way of a fake one!

Seriously tho' there's more good stuff to come so stay tuned. Oh yeah and Hi to all the new readers and FeedBlitz subscribers out there.

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

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Saturday, January 21, 2006

Spamusement: Insanely Funny Cartoons Inspired By Actual Spam Emails

See, those 50+ spam emails you get everyday have a use after all. Don't believe me? Take a look...

Subj: Amazing, Margaret

Subj: Did you know Sprint PCS did this?

Subj: guess who :)

Subj: My Friend, You Are In Trouble

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Subj: Old toy but new size

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You can see the rest at Don't forget to visit their 'guest strips' forum, where people post their own spam inspired cartoons.

Friday, January 20, 2006

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Thursday, January 19, 2006

Link: Top Ten Reasons Why Nobody Reads Your Blog

Check out the list at My favorite is #5:

5. You have nothing to say.

The fact that you haven't figured this out yet surprises everyone.

Hysterical. They should really consider putting that on a t-shirt.


Beauty Over Brains: How your website is judged in a matter of milliseconds...

Al-Qaeda Encourages Jihadists To Fuck Up The Alaska Pipeline

Not all that surprising considering how easy it is to damage the pipeline. Remember Daniel Carson Lewis, the guy who caused the loss of 285,600 gallons of oil in 2001 simply by driving up on an ATV and shooting the pipeline? And he was drunk at the time too.

Here's more from the Anchorage Daily News:

A recent posting on a Web site purportedly affiliated with al-Qaida urges attacks against the trans-Alaska oil pipeline and Valdez tanker dock, calling on jihadists to either shower the pipe with bullets or hide and detonate explosives along its length.

...The 10-page posting includes numerous links to Web sites providing maps and other basic information about the pipeline.

Attacking oil and gas targets in the United States and other countries is key to bringing down the economy of the "American devils," the author writes, saying the message was posted in response to calls from Osama bin Laden and his top al-Qaida deputy, Ayman al-Zawahri.

The Arabic posting was discovered and translated in late December by the SITE Institute, a Washington, D.C., nonprofit organization that tracks international terrorists.

...Spokesmen for the FBI and other law enforcement and security agencies said Tuesday they were aware of the posting, but none would say whether it had prompted any extra security measures in Alaska.

...The posting suggests mujahedeen hit pipelines and other oil and gas assets in the United States, as well as in Iraq and the Caspian Sea region, as a way to hurt the U.S. economy and to gain payback for the war in Iraq.

"The bloody trash tore our children and dishonored us," it says. "This is our time to teach them a lesson in how to deal with Muslims."

It singles out the Alaska pipeline as a particularly valuable, and vulnerable, target for terror.

...The author of the Web posting suggests attackers hit the pipeline with "piercing bullets," or better yet, place explosives alongside it, especially in rural and wooded places to slow response and create fires.

...Last month, federal pipeline regulators ordered Alyeska to develop new spill cleanup drills with "terrorist attack scenarios" in mind.

Of course, let Al-Qaeda focus on the pipeline all they want if it'll divert even a small portion of their resources from 9/11-style attacks. We can always get more money, but lives once lost are gone forever.


The SITE Institute -'The Search for International Terrorist Entities'

Wikipedia on the Alaska Pipeline.

Wikipedia on Al-Qaeda.

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Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Beauty Over Brains: How your website is judged in a matter of milliseconds...

The bad news: Don't expect people to stick around if you've got an ugly ass, cluttered website. Not even for a second.

Researchers have found that it only takes 50 milliseconds for people to make up their mind about a site. That means that most people have already jumped to a conclusion about the content of a website before reading a single word...if they even get that far.

Here's more from

We all know that first impressions count, but this study shows that the brain can make flash judgements almost as fast as the eye can take in the information.

The discovery came as a surprise to some experts. "My colleagues believed it would be impossible to really see anything in less than 500 milliseconds," says Gitte Lindgaard of Carleton University in Ottawa...

...Lindgaard and her team presented volunteers with the briefest glimpses of web pages...Even though the images flashed up for just 50 milliseconds, roughly the duration of a single frame of standard television footage, their verdicts tallied well with judgements made after a longer period of scrutiny.

The lasting effect of first impressions is known to psychologists as the 'halo effect': if you can snare people with an attractive design, they are more likely to overlook other minor faults with the site, and may rate its actual content (such as this article, for example) more favourably.

This is because of 'cognitive bias', Lindgaard explains. People enjoy being right, so continuing to use a website that gave a good first impression helps to 'prove' to themselves that they made a good initial decision. The phenomenon pervades our society; even doctors have been shown to follow their initial hunches, Lindgaard says, relying heavily on a patient's most immediately obvious symptom when making a diagnosis. "It's awfully scary stuff, but the tendency to jump to conclusions is far more widespread than we realize," she says.

And what's the good news? There's a few simple things that you can do to keep people from hitting that 'back' button:

...the amount of graphics on the page should be strictly limited, perhaps to a single eye-catching image.

These days, enlightened web users want to see a "puritan" approach...It's about getting information across in the quickest, simplest way possible. For this reason, many commercial websites now follow a fairly regular set of rules. For example, westerners tend to look at the top-left corner of a page first, so that's where the company logo should go. And most users also expect to see a search function in the top right.

...the other golden rule is to make sure that your web pages load quickly, otherwise your customers might not stick around long enough to make that coveted first impression. "That can be the difference between big business and no business,"


-A book about the first two seconds of looking...

Web Pages That Suck -'Learn usability and good web design by looking at bad web design.'

'What Makes A Great Website?'

'Web surfers decide a site's worth in a fraction of a second: study'

'50 Milliseconds Is All You've Got'

'Spotting Web Pages That Suck'

The English Guy: '50ms To Judge A Site'