Wednesday, November 03, 2004

Nov 3rd...

Bush won the popular vote by a margin of three and a half million. It puts a big red stamp of approval on everything that he and Cheney have done in the last four years, and the things to come. What does that say about Americans?

On a personal note I am still in shock. Shock that Kerry lost? Yes. But on a larger level shock that most Americans by a margin of millions think it's great what has happened in the last four years. Is it because they just don't understand the reality of what's going on? Possibly. But in the 'information age' there is no excuse for being uninformed. It's not always easy to dig up the truth, especially when you have a job, kids to raise, etc. But if those things are truly important then you will spend the time, the effort to educate yourself. One less hour of tv a week, not too much of a sacrifice.

On the other hand, I have to accept that maybe they are informed. That they know and still approve of it all. One could claim to be fooled the first time around, but not now. Which brings me back to the original question. What does that mean about my fellow countrymen?

We are still Americans. And I love this country no less today than yesterday. But I have a lot of unanswered questions. And once I recover from this shock and mourning I'll pick up the pieces, get back up, and work harder than ever. I've learned a lot from this whole experience of the last year or so, the most important thing being that political activism is not an option. It's vital. Waiting until the election season to get involved is already too late.


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