Monday, January 10, 2005

Would you accept a gift from Osama?

Beware of politicians that need tragedies.

What do I mean by that? How much support would there have been for the Iraq war if it weren't for 9-11? Of course there was no actual link between Iraq/Saddam and 9-11, but you wouldn't have guessed that by what many people (*ahem* BushCo) were saying at the time...or even now.

In fact, 9-11 is the best thing to happen to a lot of politicians, where would they be without it? Lucky that Osama gave them such a great gift. Now they can run (and likely win) on the 9-11 platform for years to come. And the favor has been generously returned. I mean Al Qaeda (and the like) couldn't have asked for better recruiting material than things like Abu Gharib and the Iraq War. What a great parnership, everybody wins! Well at least the politicians and the terrorists.

Don't forget that 9-11 is not only a platform, but an all purpose excuse too:

Q: Why do you want us to invade Iraq? A: 9-11! Q: Why is the economy bad? A: 9-11! Q: Why did the huge budget surplus turn into a giant deficit under your administration? A: 9-11! Q: Why do we have to keep extending the middle finger to 99% of the world? A: 9-11! Etc. etc.

Any answer wrapped in 9-11 seems to work. Shame on them for continually using a terrible tragedy as a cloak for their actions. Also, shame on us Americans for letting them get away with it time after time. One thing is for sure, they're not going to stop milking 9-11 until we stop rewarding them for it. Ask yourself, is it really in their best interest to win the 'War on Terror'?


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