Wednesday, February 16, 2005

The Michael Jackson Flu

So the MJ trial was delayed for the second time in two weeks because he was taken to the hospital for *drumroll* ... the flu. Er, well actually "flu-like symptoms". Here's more from Yahoo News:

...Judge Rodney S. Melville on Tuesday delayed jury selection until Feb. 22, saying: "He has all the symptoms that we all have when we have the flu."

Jackson was being treated for a "flu-like illness with some vomiting," Dr. Chuck Merrill said Tuesday during a brief news conference at Marian Medical Center, about five hours after Jackson's illness was announced in court by the judge.

"He's in stable condition and we expect a full recovery," said Merrill, who would not answer questions.

So does this mean that he actually has the flu or what? Seems kind of weird that the judge and docs kept referring to what the symptoms resembled instead of the actual sickness or problem. Is there more to this than "the flu" or is it just another lame publicity game?


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