Monday, February 14, 2005

Michael Jackson's Mind

So here I am, two-somethin' in the morning, sitting on the couch and watching 'Michael Jackson's Mind' on Court TV. When they cut to/from commercial, an animated picture of MJ's face shattering like a mirror plays with disturbing (think horror movie) children's music playing in the background. Honestly, this seemed a bit over the top when I first saw it. But right now they are showing police video footage of the secret room attatched to his bedroom suite, where he spends time overnight with little boys. I'm beginning to think that it's not so over the top after all...

There are black and white pictures of babies wearing only diapers everywhere (not his babies), little girl dolls on each step leading up to the room (again, think horror movie), and another room in the suite has a shrine-like, collage of pictures of Macaulay Culkin.

There are much, much more along these lines, but you get the idea. The creepy children's music described earlier would match perfectly with this footage, especially if you take into consideration that this is a 40+ year old man's secret bedroom where he hosts sleepovers with little boys!

Now I've heard two explanations for the bizarre deco in his bedroom suite: a) MJ is a little boy at heart, so he decorates accordingly or b) the decorations are meant for the children who do the sleepovers (who are usually boys). What? How many little boys have pictures of babies hanging in their rooms? Or girlie dolls propped up everywhere? Even pictures of Macaulay Culkin plastered all over a wall and dresser seems like a stretch.

So why then? What does all this say about MJ and what goes on in his mind? Well I have an idea (think horror movie) and it's not 'he's just a little boy at heart', although I'm sure he's quite *ahem* fond(le) of little boys. Just imagine if a 40+ year old man in your neighborhood not only slept with other people's children but had all this creepy stuff in a hidden bedroom. Would people say 'oh, he didn't have a childhood' or 'he just loves children'? Would people keep sending their kids over for pajama parties? Exactly. Then again your average neighborhood pedophile doesn't have millions of dollars and an army of lawyers either.


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