Friday, March 04, 2005

Michael Jackson's Face

No, I don't ever get tired of talking about Michael Jackson. Why? It's a sick fascination. Like going to a freak show.

Today's topic: MJ's face. Can it get any freakier? Will it fall apart? What would he look like if he had never messed with it?

Let's tackle that last one first. I understand that this may be shocking to hear, but Michael Jackson isn't really the pointy-nosed white woman we have all come to know and love. He is in fact a 45+ year old black man. (Click here for an interesting look at the evolution of MJ over the years, complete with pictures and funny captions. Slightly disturbing at times.)

So what should his face look like? This company used a photo from his childhood and did a basic age progression on it (a technique often used by law enforcement). They came up with this:

Seems reasonable enough, especially when you consider what MJ's father and mother look like.

Now on to question #2. Will Michael Jackson's face fall apart? Now I know that question sounds like a cheap shot (okay, maybe it is, just a little), but you may have noticed that he was his nose.

In pictures of him testifying at court in 2002 you can see what appears to be some poor surgeon's effort to keep his nose from collapsing. His mugshot taken in 2004 shows a significant improvement in not only the nose but the face in general (he even has a better wig).

So is this a temporary thing or is his face actually recovering from the chop-shop surgery that it's been subjected to? I don't know the answer to that, but I will say that I do think his face will 'fall apart' in a way when he gets older. The more he ages the less his body will be able to support all that extreme plastic surgery. Even under the most ideal of conditions, eventually things will start to umm, deteriorate (can you say Crypt Keeper?).

And the final question, can his face get any freakier? Oh yes, yes it can.

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Blogger Ms Elle said...

That entire family has had plastic surgery! They should have used that money for psychiatric counselling! They all have these reshaped noses and enhanced cheekbones!

5:28 PM  
Blogger whosthere said...

LoL, well I would be happy if they would at least pick a decent plastic surgeon. You think with so much money they would be beautiful by now and not so...weird looking :-D

8:24 AM  

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