Sunday, March 20, 2005

NY Scientist Gets Sucked Into Black Hole

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Don't be mad but...umm...well I exaggerated a tad bit with the title. Okay a lot. Wait, don't go! There's still a story here. I promise. Just got a little carried away that's all. But who knows, there may come a day when I can use that title and not be, uh, embellishing. The story:

Scientists in New York believe that they have created several mini black holes.

How the hell did they do that?

Apparently it's just as easy as throwing particles of gold at each other. Well, assuming that you have a particle accelerator like the RHIC handy.

Okay, so how come New York hasn't been sucked into another dimension?

That's because each black hole is very small and lasts less than a second (specifically 10 million, billion, billionths of a second). At that scale, they don't really have much pull on the matter around them.


Yeah, I know. I had the same reaction.

So what's the big deal then?

Well for one thing, this could bring us one step closer to the holy grail of physics, the unified field theory. And what would "finding" the unified field theory mean? No less than a total revolution in science and technology. And what would that mean? Well, better iPods of course! Yes, you heard it here first: Baby black holes will lead to better iPods.

Seriously tho, it's important. On a lot of levels. Trust me.

Here's more:

The original article (BBC).

RHIC review of black hole related "disaster scenarios".

Take a tour of the tunnel.

3D Movies: take a virtual trip to a black hole.


RHIC from space.

'A Black Hole Ate My Planet'

Creating black holes on demand.

Put on your tinfoil hat.

An article on how the RHIC black holes aren't really black holes per se.

Close up picture of a black hole.

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Blogger 400poundgorilla said...

Just curious to know if you have read Mark McCutcheon's book "The Final Theory" and if so, what you think of it and how it may apply to the observations they are experiencing at RHIC.

12:07 PM  
Blogger whosthere said...

Haven't read the book unfortunately, what's it all about?

10:03 AM  

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