Saturday, April 02, 2005

Would You Eat A Chocolate Electric Chair?

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Yech! No of course you wouldn't. I think it's safe to say that for the average person the thought of eating an execution device is...well...creepy at best.

So, what if a religious leader (mmm, let's say Jesus) had died on an electric chair? Would that make it more palatable? Would you then want to put a chocolate electric chair in your child's Easter basket next to the jelly beans and Peeps?

If you recoiled in disgust you're not alone. I had a the same reaction when I started running into various edible cross products this year. Chocolate crosses and little cross lollypops that come in all colors. Eww!

What would Jesus or any of the numerous people who suffered, bled, and died on crosses think of all this? Children biting into or licking treats made in the shape of the electric chair of their time. I doubt they would think, "Oh, those kids are really learning good moral values!"

Sadly, if the stores are selling them it must mean that there are actually people out there willing to pay for all this eerie candy. What's next? Bags of bloody gummy-nails? A candy crown of thorns? Maybe next Easter they will replace the large chocolate bunnies with a milk chocolate Christ, suffering on a chocolate cross for your sins.

If you are truly a Christian, what better way is there to honor his sacrifice than eating delicious chocolatey crucifix goodness?

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Here's more on this story and other uh...misguided religious merchandise:

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'It's a great way to get Jesus in your bathroom.' (Yes, it really says that!)

Easter Milk Chocolate Cross Gift Box


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