Wednesday, June 29, 2005

30 Days Lesson: Don't Go To An Imam For Advice

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This weeks 30 Days 'experiment' uprooted David Stacey, a God-fearing Christian from West Virginia, and had him live as a Muslim for a month.

He lives with a Muslim host family, goes to a Mosque, wears their traditional clothes, eats their food, etc. etc. Will this experience confirm his preconception of Muslims as terrorists and Islam as a violent religion?

(Well duh. It would be a really shitty moral to the story if the answer turned out to be yes, now wouldn't it?)

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Anyway, to help him in his journey through the American-Muslim world he is assigned an Imam. The Imam is supposed to be like a spiritual guide, answering questions and giving advice in accordance with the teachings of Islam.

So naturally when David had questions about the beliefs of Islam and the meanings of some daily prayers he went to the Imam.

But damn, that man seemed more interested in beating him down than actually answering his questions. Hey Mr. Imam Guy, NEWSFLASH you won't get a lot of new converts that way...

Luckily David took matters into his own hands and went to another Muslim spiritual leader for answers. Instead of nitpicking and telling David how stupid he was (à la the Imam), the spiritual leader did something amazing...he actually answered the questions! Wow I know crazy huh?

This information allowed David to finally move forward with his study of Islam. If he had stuck with the Imam, well he probably still wouldn't know what the hell those prayers were all about. Which illustrates for us the 30 Days Lesson Of The Week:

Don't Go To An Imam For Advice.


Afterthought: I thought the best part of the show was when the Muslim family presented the cake with the words 'Let's agree to disagree' on it to David at the end. It was a good way to end things on a positive note without either side having to feel like they betrayed their beliefs. If only we could get world leaders to be that mature...

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