Thursday, June 23, 2005

30 Days Lesson: Steroids = No Sperm

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Last night's episode of 30 Days dropped us into the life of Scott, a man desparate to regain the body of his high school days ('I had an eight pack!' he says). The experiment: Can steroids turn back the clock?

Okay, when I say steroids it sounds relatively benign. But this guy had to stick needles in his stomach every day and take enough pills to choke several horses. I was thinking to myself 'Is he going to have to do this for the rest of his life?'

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You don't need to see the show to know what the message will be...steroids bad, diet and excercise good. There's no shortcuts blah blah blah, steroids have terrible side effects blah blah blah.

But the most interesting (freakish) part of the show was what steroids did to that guys sperm.

Before starting the steroid regime he went to the doctor and froze some of his sperm just in case there were negative side effects to the drugs. We see his doctor tell him that he has a very manly 80 million sperm count ('We're usually happy to see 60 million' the doc says.)

And what happens after using steroids for a few weeks?

He's back in the doc's office, waiting for the analysis of his post-steroid sperm. 'I think there was more in the cup this time' he says confidently (*eww!*). But then the nurse comes out...

The verdict? He basically has a zero sperm count...the few sperm that they did find were dead. Yes that's right, he dropped from 80 million to zero in a matter of weeks!

'And what, in your experience, has caused this?' Scott asks the doctor. DUH! There's another side effect of steroids for ya, reduced brain function.

So here's the 30 Days Lesson of the Week: Steroids = No Sperm

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