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Are Adult Baby Diaper Lovers Real?

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We've all seen those Jerry Springer episodes...grown men wearing nothing but diapers parading on stage, baby bottle in hand. They claim to love "being babies": having somebody change their diaper, eating baby food, sleeping in a crib (a biiig crib), etc. But do people really live like this?

The answer: Yes, and it's more common than you'd think.

The Baby Man

Step into the life of 54 year old William Windsor. Broadway star. Country music artist. Baby Man.

(Source: Phoenix New Times)
Customers and cashiers stare at the 5-foot-11, 180-pound man, who is dressed in a pink bonnet, pink shorty dress, and white patent leather shoes. Gold heart-shaped earrings twinkle beneath his carefully curled hair. Under his dress, you can see his diaper. He takes his place in line with a carry-all basket full of juice and Gerber baby food.

"Oh shit! It's Baby Man," says one cashier, a Hispanic kid who's heard the legend but has never been a witness to the spectacle. "It's like Sasquatch!" he says. "You don't believe it exists until you see it."

For almost fifty years he tried to resist the urge to live as a two-year-old. That meant hiding or suppressing the child he wanted to be: a baby girl named Heidi Lynn. But after some soul searching and thanks to a fairly large inheritance, he has been able to live out his dream of being a full time Adult Baby.

Er, what exactly does it mean to be a full time Adult Baby?

Well for William Windsor that means being Heidi Lynn as much as possible. Wearing baby clothes, sleeping in a crib, playing with stuffed animals, having a 'mommy' feed him baby food, and using diapers 24/7.

Does he the diapers?

Yes. It took him seven months to train himself to become incontinent, which basically means that he has no control over that part of his bodily functions.

How the hell do you train yourself to do that?

He tried using hypnosis tapes at first, but they didn't work and he ended up having to just chain lock his toilet for a while.

Doesn't it stink?


The air in William Windsor's apartment has become stagnant, and he's got a fan blowing full blast in his living room to combat the early stages of summer. Unfortunately, he's also got a dirty diaper. The smell of adult feces festering in his shorts is nauseating.

"You'll have to excuse me," he says. "I had an accident about 10 minutes ago, and I didn't have time to change myself."

So who changes his diapers?

Ideally it would be more in tune with the Heidi Lynn life to have a 'mommy' change them for him. But until he finds someone willing to do that he changes them himself.

He uses cloth diapers (they are less expensive and more 'realistic')...

"Well, first, of course, I have to take off the wet or dirty one," he says. "I have to unfasten the safety pins, the big ones -- which are getting harder and harder to find, by the way. Only a couple of stores have them.

"Then I lay a diaper pad on the table, lay down and clean myself up with some wipes, and let it dry. If I have diaper rash, I'll put on some Desitin. And then just a sprinkling of Johnson & Johnson baby powder," he says, adding that name-brand baby supplies are the one thing he splurges on. "But you don't wanna put on too much baby powder," he adds. "Too much dulls the absorbency."

How does he have sex?

From what I gather, he doesn't. It probably wouldn't work out too well anyway, since he literally could crap himself at any moment.


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This sort of desire and behavior is called paraphilic infantilism. For some it's just a fetish. But for many it's more than's an intense desire to actually be a baby.

But why would someone want to live like that?

I think that it's a way for people to deal with life's problems. A coping mechanism, like alcohol. Some people become alcoholics, some become Adult Babies.

It may be used to make up for a lost or traumatic childhood, a way to get the affection and attention they never got from their parents. Or it can be a way for people to escape the pressures of adulthood.

So are you saying that all Adult Babies have a serious disorder like alcoholism?

Well not exactly, it really depends on the individual. For example, drinking alcohol is not a bad thing. You can use a beer every once in a while to take the edge off a stressfull day at work. No big deal.

But some people need the drink. Not only do they have to have a lot of alcohol to wind down from work everyday; but they will drink before and during work as well. They drink to deal with their problems, and the drinking itself becomes the biggest problem of all.

The same thing goes for Adult Babies. There is a big difference between someone who just wants to wear a diaper every once in a while...vs. someone who has to have it on 24/7 and trains themselves to uncontrollably crap and pee in it. At that point it *might* be a good idea to see a shrink and learn some better ways to cope with life's problems.

Uhh, how do you know all this stuff about Adult Babies?

Well I came across the Phoenix New Times article about William Windsor/Heidi Lynn a few days ago. After reading the part that said Adult Baby related business is a multi-million dollar industry I decided to see if that could actually be true. Could there really be enough Adult Baby Diaper Lovers out there to support that?

The answer is a big yes. Just doing a Google search for "adult baby" turns out 12,300,000 disturbing results. There's all kinds of clubs and shops and even an Amazon Listmania on what to buy in preparation of becoming an Adult Baby.

Just think, somebody you know could be an Adult Baby or a Diaper Lover!


Here's a book on Adult Babies and infantilism:

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Wikipedia on infantilism

A site for 'new' adult babies.

Diaper Pail Friends (DPF)

'What is true infantilism?' (good article)

About the C.S.I. episode "King Baby".

An essay about infantilism. (It's long but has some good stuff, like interviews with real infantilists.)

'Three Things To Do With A Wet Knee Brace'

Forever A Kid Adult Baby Clothing

Adult Baby Furniture


An infantilists' blog


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Hey nice info you posted.
I just browsing through some blogs and came across yours!

Excellent blog, good to see someone actually uses em for quality posts.

Your site kept me on for a few minutes unlike the rest :)

Keep up the good work!


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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Christians bash this sordid perversion

8:47 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm disturbed by people automatically calling this "disturbing." It is clear to me that this man had issues, issues from his childhood. Perhaps his mother was emotionally distant, abused him, passed away when he was very young, or some other traumatic thing that scarred him for life. Perhaps he was searching for something that life stole from him early on.

Regardless, there was a reason why he was like this, and rather than just saying "he was crazy," as we do for everyone else who deviates from what we call the norm, maybe we should just accept that he was the way he was for a reason, and his behavior was an attempt to fix what went wrong so long ago.

I doubt you're going to see a lot of people like him; most adult babies and whatnot keep their behavior very private. Those with the temerity and financial independence to openly display their inner selves to the world are very rare.

In any case, I read somewhere that he had passed away. He was different and very brave about it. People like him make the world more interesting.

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