Saturday, June 11, 2005

A Random Bunch Of Interesting Links

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Bored? Have some links...

Saddam's Cyber Palace - Get to know Saddam Hussein's innermost thoughts and feelings.

The Tragic Life Of Little Jade - A creepy blog done in the form of a diary by a (fictitious) girl named Jade. Did I spell fictitious right? Oh well...

New Shoes - A guy writes about his newfound love for high heels.

Church Sign Generator - Don't forget to check out their real church signs section too.

Two-Zero's Diary - Life in Russia.

Drive By Shootings - Funny pictures.

Brick Testament - The Bible + Legos. Actually it's really interesting.

Population Statistic - A little of everything.

Fleeing From Boredom - Mostly complaining about work.

My Small Boat - Quotes, quotes, quotes.

Pierce Law IP News Blog - Lots of techie news.

PostSecret - People's secrets, in postcard form.

Pearl and Jamboree - A photoblog by somebody in Johannesburg, South Africa.

Jason Soza Photography - Photos from Juneau, Alaska.

Hot Avatars - About a million avatars.

Iraqi Idol - Hey Iraqis watch tv least when the electricity is working.

Drive On Mars - Drive around a 3D virtual Mars.

MIT OpenCourseWare - Free access to MIT course materials. There are a lot of courses to choose from.


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