Thursday, July 14, 2005

30 Days Lesson: Hippie Life Is Not The Answer

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This weeks episode of 30 Days aimed at giving a couple of consumeristic city dwellers (Vito and Johari) a taste of life off the grid. Will they be able to survive 30 days of earth-friendly living?

By the way, life off the grid in this case means life off the grid hippie style. This becomes clear when a guy who bears a disturbing resemblance to Bob Ross pulls up in a veggie powered car to pick up Vito and Johari. He tells them that they are going to a commune called Dancing Rabbit Eco Village. And yes, he says, the rabbits really do dance.

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So what is life at the Dancing Rabbit like? Well first off the good news. Electricity is allowed, as long as it's generated by non-polluting means like solar panels. More good news, obesity doesn't seem to be a problem at the Dancing Rabbit.

The bad news? You have to recycle your own feces. As fertilizer. For the food you will eat later. It's called Hu-manure.

Mmmm. Well now we know why there aren't many big eaters at the Dancing Rabbit. But it's a small price to pay for living a life that doesn't damage the earth right?

If only everybody lived like this, we humans wouldn't be taking more from the earth than it could sustain right?

Well apparently not.

At the beginning of the show Vito and Johari were given a test to asses their 'environmental footprint'. The result? If everybody in the world lived like them it would take something like 12.5 earths to sustain it all.

After the 30 days they are given the same test, based on their life at the Dancing Rabbit. The result? If everybody lived the Dancing Rabbit lifestyle it would take about 1.5 earths to sustain them.

Wait. What the heck? After all that extreme living they're still destroying the earth? And we're not even taking into account things like pollution generated by the manufacturing of numerous items like the solar panels, bikes, cars, etc. that were imported to the commune.

It sure doesn't seem worth it considering you still end up having a very negative impact on the enviroment. If you really want to 'save the earth' wouldn't it be more effective to put all that time and effort into engineering practical solutions that can be used by the general public?

I mean, if you're willing to go without deodorant for the rest of your life because of it's potential negative impact on the certainly have the dedication it takes to come up with some great earth-saving technology.

Plus, it's got to be more exciting than working with Hu-manure.

So the 30 Days lesson of the week:

Hippie life is not the answer.

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