Thursday, July 21, 2005

30 Days Lesson: You Can't Solve A Drinking Problem With Alcohol

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In the season finale of 30 Days a mother (Michiel) tries to curb her daughter's (Jessica) booze problem by binge drinking for a month.

She hopes that after witnessing the negative effects of alcohol that her daughter will make better choices when it comes to drinking.


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The only problem is, Jessica appears to already be an expert on the effects of drinking too much. In the show she talks about going out drinking at least four days a week and blacking out often. At one point she says to her mom, "I don't even know how I got home this morning."

So it's not terribly surprising when we see that the 'watch mom get wasted' strategy is having zero effect. "Unless she dies, I'm really not going to change anything." says Jessica. After witnessing that attitude day after day Michiel gets the point and throws her bratty daughter in a treatement program.

Well, acutally no. With time running out, Michiel decides that the way to get through to her daughter is to...ramp up the drinking. Yes that's right, drink more. And oh yeah, she enlists one of her daughter's drinking buddies to help her too.

But wait, there's more.

After the 'drink even more' strategy doesn't work (ooo big surprise there), Michiel kind of gives up. She turns her attention back to the rest of her family...a husband and a couple of sons who have suffered silently through the booze-filled 30 days.

Michiel decides to 'put her family back together' by treating them all to a nice night out at the bowling alley. One problem. Looks like that in the process of trying to get her daughter to quit drinking by...uh...drinking a lot, she got herself a little hooked. "I really need a beer" she says not far into the evening, and darts off to get one. And another. And another.

Then the saddest fucking thing happens. Her nine-year-old son Brandon, whom she is very close to, tries to talk to her and get her attention. But guess what, she's too tanked to even realize that he's talking to her! "Mom. Mom. Hey Mom!" he says while following her around a table, but it doesn't make a bit of difference.

He's crushed (obviously not used to such poor parenting) and ends up crying. Eventually Michiel does sit down and talk to him thank goodness. It was really hard to watch him get his heart broken like that.

So lets see. In 30 days Michiel managed to mess up her health, put her household in disarray, make her son cry, and possibly develop a drinking problem. And she never did get through to her daughter. Which just goes to show the 30 Days lesson of the week:

You can't solve a drinking problem with alcohol.

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