Wednesday, July 20, 2005

The New Daily Show Set: Brought To You By Dramamine

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Thank you Daily Show for adding those gigantic scrolling screens in the backround of the set. I no longer have to spin around for hours to experience that dizzy car-sick feeling...

Seriously tho, is this new set sponsored by Dramamine or what? Most people are trying to bring back the couch, but I say just get rid of those horridly disracting Jumbotron screens in the backround! Can't. Concentrate. On. The. Show. Anymore. Getting. Seasick.

What people are saying about the new set:

'Daily Show Scandal: The New Set' - 'Oh, Jon Stewart, how could you do this to us? You go away for a week, come back with a new set, and it suddenly looks like you've taken up residence on the holodeck of the starship Enterprise.'

Slate On The New Set - 'It's hard to make breakfast conversation with your wife at a large gray conference table, especially when there are white letters radiating out of your head.'

Bring Back The Couch - A blog dedicated to the Daily Show couch. It's got things like a picture of Michael Moore on the couch, with the caption: 'The couch had a bad back for weeks after this show.'

'Insomnia and Late-Night TV' - It's nice to know that I'm not the only one who hates Raymond. - Apparently Canadians watch The Daily Show too.

'Why Has Thou Taketh Thy Couch, Jon Stewart?' - This person likes the new set.

'I Don't Like The New Set' - Well that title pretty much says it all doesn't it?

'A Whole New Daily Show - And Not The Set...' - 'new set, schmoo set, who cares, I say. After seeing Stewart interview Bernard Goldberg, I can only assume that new desk has a huge set of cahones insalled underneath it.'

'Jon Stewart II: What a Difference a Set Makes' - '...Jon now seems free to deliver his punchlines without a nervous giggle or a self-deprecating glance. He realizes now he is not playing to stoned college kids, but the New York Times op ed board..'

'I Miss The Couch'

Daily Kos: The Daily Show Taking It To The Next Level


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