Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Places To Promote Your Blog Pt 2

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Here's some links to places that will get your blog some exposure and traffic. It's a grab bag of directories, search engines, RSS ping sites, link exchanges, ranking systems, etc. etc. Basically anything that is free and helps get people to your site is fair game.

If you missed it, 'Places To Promote Your Blog Pt 1' is here.

(Note that with directories you often have to click on the section that's relevant to your blog, then click the 'Add URL' or 'Add A Site' link to submit your site.)

SoMuch - Directory

GeniusFind - Directory

eCommerce Directory - Directory

Blogwise - Blog Directory

Boing Boing - Directory

2RSS - RSS Directory

WeBlogALot - Blog Directory

Net Insert - Directory

Jayde - Directory

Wow Directory - Directory

BDC Concepts - Directory

Iozoo - Directory

Yahoo Directory - Directory (only non-commercial sites are free)

Dmoz - Directory

Search Sight - Directory

AbiLogic - Directory

Land Of Links - Directory

World Site Index - Directory

Topix - News Index

Popdex - Ranking System

Blog Street - RSS Directory

Syndic8 - RSS Directory

News Is Free - RSS Directory

Daypop - Search Engine

Feedster - RSS Search Engine

Bloglines - RSS Tracker

Blogdex - Blog Tracking

Topix - News Index

Popdex - Ranking System

Blog Street - RSS Directory

If you want to exchange links or suggest a site for the list click here. I'll post Pt 3 in about a week so stay tuned...



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