Thursday, September 22, 2005

What happened to Alexi? (From 'Made In The USA')

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Last nights episode of 'Made In The USA' revealed that two of the contestants (Alexi and Sara, who had the non-chemical hair highlights invention) were mysteriously dropped and replaced by another pair. Yet no explanation at all was given for the switch. So what happened?

Did they find out that Alexi wasn't the uh, woman he made out to be? Okay okay, seriously far information on what really happened has been hard to find. In fact the only explanation I've come across so far has been this post on the show's message board:


Does anyone know what happened to Alexi??


The "Non-Chemical" highlights had chemicals in them. After the first show, a test was run to validate the claims made in the last episode. The product was a fraud. Alexi & Sarah are stating that they withdrew for "personal reasons".

Unfortunately the poster doesn't mention one crucial the hell do they know that? Do they work for the show? Are they a contestant? Is it rumor?

Well I guess it's better than nothing for now. I'm hoping that more concrete information will pop up later. If so I'll be sure to post it here. In the meantime check out this post made by the lady who invented the vomit bucket from episode one:


i really think the judges are very wrong about this one... although the inventors probably had pregnant women in mind, i think they're all thinking about the wrong consumer. this is an amazing product for college kids! i would've loved this thing, not for usage or functionality but for the sheer hilarity of it. i bet fraternity guys would jump all over this one. i hope to one day see this thing in spencer gifts Post Extras:


Hello Spaceheater. I am the inventor of the emStand. em is abbrev. for emesis which is latin meaning vomit. While I appreciate your vote of confidence on my product I would prefer it not be a JOKE. And I can assure you it will never be sold at Spencer Gifts, its a medical product.

The emStand was invented to provide comfort and dignity to people while they are ill. It is designed to be an external support system to the weekened body. While you and I may not suffer from chronic vomiting and can't imagine what that is like for many people, vomiting for some is what they experience during the last months of their lives. I am hopeful that the emStand will help people who are on Chemotherapy, are in drug rehab, I felt it would be handy in jails, schools, doctors and dentist offices, traveling and at home for the occasional 24 hour flu bug.

I also believe some people suffer from both ends at the same time. The emStand can rest on the thighs and provide a resting place for the head and upper body while the bottom is positioned where in belongs, on the pot. I wanted to raise the head out of the toilet, I wanted to stop the bending, creeping, crawling, falling, and throwing the neck out episodes that seem to happen when we are forced to project the contents of our stomachs out.

Lets face it, my invention doesnt cure any illness and never will but I thought if it could provide someone with some comfort and dignity, well then, I am happy. Look forward to hearing from you. Post Extras:


Medical products when presented to the unknowing consumer are often times percieved as jokes. The syringe sub assembly I developed for medical imaging was percieved as a torture device, even by my guys, and I admit it looked really scary; it brought us a lot of laughs. However to those skilled in medicine, it was positive recieved and we sold quite a number of them.

Otoh, I do not understand why this is being presented as a consumer item to start with. To me, it does make it humorous, rather than a device that could be used to help those suffering. Then again tv and the news media often times swing ones intent all over the place.


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