Monday, October 31, 2005

Here Comes Armageddon: Alaska High Court Backs Same-Sex Partner Benefits

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(Source: Anchorage Daily News)
The Alaska Supreme Court on Friday ruled it is unconstitutional to deny benefits to the same-sex partners of public employees, a major victory for gay rights advocates in one of the first states to pass a constitutional ban on homosexual marriage.

The unanimous decision essentially hinged on the issue of equal protection for all Alaskans...

The Alaska Supreme Court said in its ruling that public employees and their opposite sex partners can marry and become eligible for the city- or state-provided benefits.

"But no same-sex couple can ever become eligible for these benefits because same-sex couples may not marry in Alaska. The spousal limitations in the benefits programs therefore affect public employees with same-sex domestic partners differently than public employees who are married," the ruling says.

"We conclude that the public employers' spousal limitations violate the Alaska Constitution's equal protection clause," the ruling says.

Oh no, gay couples are going to get health insurance! Imagine all the horrible things that will no one has said what exactly, but I'm sure it's reeeal bad. Like Armageddon. But with gays.

Is there no one willing to stamp out these sick homo fantasies of dental plans and co-payed doctor visits? Frank Murkowski to the rescue...

...Republican Gov. Frank Murkowski was "outraged" by the ruling and has directed the attorney general's office to determine the best way to overturn the ruling...

The 29-page ruling is just the first round, said Jan DeYoung, an assistant attorney general who supervises employee benefits issues.

"It's an important decision, but it's not a final decision," she said.

However, Anchorage municipal attorney Fred Boness said the city would not fight the court's decision. He said officials would review the policies of other cities or universities to determine how Anchorage would provide the benefits and determine eligibility.

"We're disappointed that we lost, and I think it means we're going to have to provide those benefits in the future to qualifying same-sex couples," he said.


'Where is my gay apocolypse?'


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