Thursday, October 13, 2005

The Kingdom of Heaven: Serial Killer Dreams

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Seen the movie 'Kingdom of Heaven' the other night. It was an ok movie, but if you're thinking about watching it be warned: it's edited really, really badly. The scenes jump from one to another like a scratched-up record...which is a shame because the movie had potential.

Another warning: don't watch the movie before you go to sleep. No I'm not saying it's scary or anything (unless sappy cliches frighten you), just that both Jen and I had fucked up dreams after watching it.

Jen dreamed about creepy people with leprosy (thanks to the leper king, pic above) and I dreamed about killing people with swords and being drenched in blood (lots of that in the movie, obviously). I don't think I've ever had such a violent dream...I woke up thinking I wonder if this is what serial killers' dreams are like on a daily basis.

Anyway, changing the subject from me having serial killer dreams...I got a good laugh from the commercials on the DVD that tried to lay a guilt trip on people who download movies. It went something like this:

You wouldn't steal a purse (shows someone stealing a purse)...

You wouldn't steal money (shows someone stealing money)...

So why would you steal a movie? (shows a picture of someone downloading a movie).

My guess is that reminding people about how easy it is to download something they just paid 20 bucks for is not the best way to combat the whole movie piracy thing. Maybe it's just me.


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