Thursday, October 20, 2005

Pingoat: Better Than Ping-o-Matic

Got this from ResearchBuzz:

Webloggers and other pingpeople might appreciate Pingoat, which offers a huge number of services to ping at once divided up into three categories. It's at .

Pingoat has dozens of sites to ping, divided into three categories: General, Non English Services, and Special Services. Enter your blog name, URL, and feed URL, and select the services you want to ping (you can click on the category name to ping everything in the category.) Pingoat returns a status page that shows you the results of each ping. With one exception ( all the pings I tried succeeded.

One thing I notice is how fast the results were. Pingoat seems to be quite a bit quicker than Pingomatic.

Yep, it's faster and pings more sites (by far)...I guess it's time to say goodbye to Ping-o-Matic.


SplogSpot -'The world's only spam search engine.' It feeds off of Pingoats blacklist database.

The Goatlog -Pingoat's blog.

Blogs recently updated on Pingoat.

Recently updated splogs. -I noticed that most of these sites are based off blogspot. For more on the blogspot/spam connection click here and here.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Keep an Eye on Pingoat!

> Huge anti spam filter. Spam sites harvested and made public via
> Pingoat is the only service that supports such a large number of services (64) (other services only support around 20).
> Works at lightning fast speeds. 100 times faster than competing services.
> Already co branded to top-sites like,, and partnership inquiries coming every now and then.

Featured on top channels like:
Lifehacker -
LockerGone -
Webpronews -
SearchEngineJournal -
ResearchBuzz -

See what people are talking about Pingoat everyday

> Commercial products based on Pingoat have started popping up
> Phenomenal growth in just 3 months of opening
> DID ZERO MARKETING. 100% traffic+popularity from word of mouth , a 1 page "recently updated blogs" site was bought by Verizon for $2.35mn.

Pingoat is gaining more and more popularity and it will soon be holding a major share of the pings in the blogosphere. i.e, once Pingoat's grown enough, Pingoat will know every time a blog gets updated on the internet. More over, Pingoat's subsidiary Splogspot is creating a buzz. A couple days back, the term 'splogspot' was coined to refer to the spam problems on Google. And is the #1 Anti-Splog service. So definitely, Google will be eyeing it.

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